Photograph of our living room entertainment system, centered around the 36" Sony XBR WEGA.  The center-channel speaker system (Boston VR-12) sits below the display.  Under that is a custom-made media storage drawer on ball-bearing slides which I built to fit into the Wega stand (it originally had glass doors). Visible are the front effects speakers, mounted on the ceiling (the Yamaha receiver can output 7.1 channel sound in DSP modes).  The rear surround speakers (not shown) are similarly ceiling-mounted.  Some of the lighting is controlled by an RF remote control, including a 6500K, 10w wall-wash fluorescent mounted behind the TV which we use when watching in the dark.  The entire system sits on a 2" high oak riser.  The left and right cabinets can roll out for access (using removable riser squares which live in the garage most of the time).  Cabling between the cabinets is all 4m long, while cabling from either cabinet to the center is 2m long, giving enough slack cable for easy access.  All cabling is P-Touch labeled, and cable groups are covered in woven sheathing.  This makes for a very neat and beautiful cable system.  I don't see it very often, but I like the fact that it looks good anyway!  On the left you can see Natalie, one of our dachshunds - she's a big football fan :-)


Last Modified November 18, 1999