Dachshund Haiku

Reading dog haiku after lunch
inspires me to write a few more
for you.


Seventeen syllables are not enough
to capture a Dachshund's charm.


Shake my ears, now flap them.
The slapping sound announces me.
Dachshund is here.


The closet opens. Out comes the
cleaning machine. Get ready for fun!


Woof! Did you hear me? I said Woof!
That's my tree, my yard. You're my squirrel.


Kisses. My tongue stands ever at the ready.
I lick because I am.


I burrow between the sheets
to the warm space between my master's legs.


If I can have your armpit,
I will gladly give you my whole body.


I'm very tired mommy,
won't you please lay down so we can get some sleep?

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Last update: May 2, 2000
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