Sony VAIO AW Series Laptop

I bought a Sony VGN-AW290 on March 16, 2009, my new super-laptop.  I was hungry for more performance, I think it has everything I want and then some.  Also I do photography, this machine with it's 18.4" Adobe RGB screen is superb for  that, and it's fast hardware is great for video editing.  I'm running 64-bit Vista.

-   Intel T9800 Core Duo, 2.93 GHz, 6MB L2 Cache
-   6 GB RAM
-   2x Intel X-25M 160 GB Solid State Drives
-   Blu-Ray Read/Write
-   18.4" LED-illuminated screen, 16x9 aspect, 1920x1080 (True HD)
-   NVidia GT9600, 512MB ram, HDMI output


I'll use these pages to document information for my own records and to help other Sony AW owners.   After over a month I am very happy with this system.  So far I have the following issues:

I ordered it with one disk and planned to replace that one with two Solid State Drives (SSD).  Below are pictures from the SSD installation.

Here is a nice nylon bag that Briggs & Reilly makes, much nicer than the Sony bag.  It's a huge laptop so most bags won't fit it.


Here are some photos of the unit with the back cover off.   I'll post more information when I get around to it...


















This (out of focus, sorry) shows one of the speaker enclosures.





All photos Copyright 2009 Jay R. Keller, all rights reserved

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