from on June 9, 2008... the day before I bought my Pat Donahue:


Martin & Co presents the OM-30DB Pat Donohue Custom Edition

Want to play like Pat Donohue?

This guitar will help you sound more like him. It is a Martin guitar that is made to his specifications. From the 1-13/16 nut to the 2-5/16 saddle your fingers can dance up and down a fretboard just like the one he is playing on Prarie Home Companion.

Pat likes the Style 30 decorations so this guitar has the purfling, back strip and fingerboard inlay of that styling which is quite unique.

Another great thing about this guitar is its sound. It is a deep-body OM so the bass response is nice and resonant with clear treble overtones. Derek says this guitar has an excellent tone for accompanying a singer so you will want to practice your "tra la la la."

If all of that was not enough, this is guitar number three of the series. Number one is being played by Pat Donohue. Number two was sold at a friend's shop before they even had a chance to take pictures of it and get it on their web site. This is number three. The lowest number available. There are only a three more that may become available around the country in the next week or so and then it will be weeks or months before any more come out of the Martin custom shop

This guitar arrived today. After it had acclimated, we opened it up and gave it to our luthier, Brian. Brian went over the guitar carefully. He was whistling, this is a very good sign. We took pictures right away and a few hours later the guitar Is here for all of you to see. But show up soon. This guitar is is an incredible instrument. We suspect that only a few people will get a chance to hear how great this guitar sounds before someone takes it home for as their own.


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