6/10/06: My new guitar:

OM-30DB Pat Donohue Custom




Here it is alongside my OM-35.



Little Petey, our youngest (of 4) dachshund, was also a Christmas gift for our family.
Petey loves music.  Actually, he loves everything.



Petey sniffs the ebony tuning knobs.  This photo also shows the wonderful McKinney-Elliot Capo that stores above the nut when not in use.



The top is Adirondack Spruce, with scalloped bracing.  The sound hole rosette
is inlayed with abalone shell (in Martin-guitar-speak: "style-45 rosette").




The East Indian rosewood headplate is inlaid with an abalone torch, and the
tuning machines are fitted with ebony knobs.  The nut is bone,  1-11/16" wide.



Another shot of the top.  You can see the microphone from the factory-installed Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend
dual-pickup system which also includes a piezo-electric pickup under the bone saddle.   I installed the same
system last year on my Martin OM-35, and I really like its versatility and sound.



The back and sides are flame maple, stained to match the Spanish cedar neck.




The body binding is tortoise-shell colored, which I tried to show in these 2 photographs.



Here are some inside views:

2006 serial number
(Photoshopped for privacy)



Update 1/30/007:  I've now slotted the bridge and installed snakewood pins.


(Click to enlarge)



Update 5/5/007:  Today I added a buffalo horn/abalone strap button to hold my new Sully Strap:

Strap Button 



Here's an "X-ray vision" photo of the bracing pattern,
 taken with internal flash lighting:

Jay Keller,
December 29, 2006

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