1950 Martin Guitar,
Model 000-18

You are listening to this guitar, played by my guitar teacher,
Adam Roszkeiwicz.    The song is "The Wild Goose" by Kate Rusby. 
If you can't hear it,
click here.

Small body, short-scale, mahogany back and sides, sitka spruce top, brazilian rosewood bridge and fingerboard.

My birth-year guitar!

I've been looking for a birth-year Martin for quite some time.  I've come close to finding one several times.  But on what was supposed to be the luckiest date of the century, 7/7/7, I found her.  I should have bought some lottery tickets on that day!

Judging by the serial number, this was the 4400th of 5000 guitars Martin built in 1950.  I was born in October.  Who knows, we could have both made our first sounds on the very same day.  It's fun to consider, in any case.

Here's me (on the right) with Frank Benna of Guitar Heaven in Pleasant Hill, California, where I bought my birth-year baby.  You can see the beautiful condition she's in, and I'm happy to say that she plays as great as she looks.  The sound is fabulous. 

There's nothing like a good old Martin! 









Here's an internal shot showing the bracing pattern.
This type of a photo is also known as a "Henkogram", in honor of
the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum member who popularized the
technique.  link


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